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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And So I Declared To Myself Thereafter

It was on November 24, 2007 when I first learned of a company, Kinetics Philippines, Inc., exclusively distributing amazing herbal products, with fast-acting effect, comparable to pharmaceutical drugs, during one of its regular Health and Business Opportunity (HBO) meetings here in Iligan City.

I saw it myself how it worked when we tried giving these products to one of the barangay kagawads in Brgy. Putungan, Dapitan City, who suffered a stroke right after the barangay elections in October 29, 2007.

He could hardly speak then. His words were undecipherable when we spoke to him at his residence. He could not even hold a pen with his right hand to sign up his registration form. He wanted to buy the products at a discount, so he signed-up as a distributor. His finances were drained after he spent more than a hundred thousand in the hospital.

He took FLUSH 24, the amazing product which detoxifies and cleanses all the toxins from his body. It contains four sachets of powdered herbs which is taken at 6pm, 8pm, and then again at 6am and 8am the following day. We also gave him FIBROMYOL and IMMUNOL.

On the third day, he was able to coherently talk to his wife and children.

When I called him up by cellphone the following week, he proudly announced to me that he could now talk clearly. Yes, indeed, I was talking to him and could clearly understand every word he uttered. He also told me he was attending now all the sessions and meetings of the barangay.

I declared to myself thereafter, that I shall spend the rest of my spare time to share to my relatives, friends, and anyone who will care to listen, the wonders of these products, and the benefits the company handsomely compensates its networkers for promoting its products.

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