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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

IMMUNOL - Enhances Optimum Immune System Function

IMMUNOL  is designed as an immune-modulator to help enhance and balance the immune system.

When necessary,
IMMUNOL helps activate the body's own defense systems against viral, ba
cterial, fungal, and other harmful organisms, while providing balanced nutrition and helping to relieve stress, thus improving and achieving optimal immune function.

Date Fruit B.E.E.contains maleic acid, oleanolic acid and abundant and balanced nutrients that work as an immune tonic to support the body's regulatory balance and adaptability, and strengthen the body's natural immunity and resistance to allergies and other immune imbalances.

Olive Leaves B.E.E. - contains oleuropein that can be converted into elenolic acid, which has antibiotic properties without being an actual antibiotic. It helps the immune system fight dangerous viruses, bacteria and other invaders without building antibiotic resistance and at the same time helping to strengthen the immune system.

Astragalus Root B.E.E. - contains flavonoids, polysaccharides, triterpene glycosides, amino acids, and trace minerals.  It can promote immune, liver, and cardiovascular functions through its multiple effects. 

It may increase proliferation and differentiation of bone marrow stem cells and progenitor cells.  It has antibiotic activities and increases antibody levels of IgA and IgG.  

It benefits immune function in a double-direction.  Namely, it helps increase the immune response and potentiates the effects of interferon in people with weak immune systems, thus fighting and preventing bacterial and viral infections, and other harmful factor attacks, while at the same time, decrease the immune response in people with some auto-immune disease, such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE).

Eleuthero Root B.E.E. - is an extract from Siberian Ginseng and contains eleutherosides, and polysaccharides that play a critical role in supporting immune function. 

Also, eleuthero is an "adaptogen" (an agent that helps the body adapt to stress).  It helps support adrenal gland function when the body is challenged by stress, thus improving immune function, because stress can run the immune system down. 

In addition, it helps enhance intellectual and physical performance and promote general health.

2 vegicaps daily for continuous support of immune system. 
Take 2 capsules twice daily for at least 3 consecutive days when immune system needs additional support.

  • Suggested Retail Price:     P1,650.00 (Philippine pesos) [freight cost not yet included]
  • Distributor's Price:            P1,368.00

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