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Health Remedies

BESTMAN is formulated to help adult find relief from the vexation of impotency, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and at the same time, increase endurance and improve performance.
In addition, BESTMAN is also helpful for male infertility.  | READ ON >>

Having a bottle of BLUE MIRACLE Super Liquid at home... you’ve got yourself a MINI-PHARMACY already, plus a MINI-GROCERY STORE as well!!
MINI-PHARMACY, because, with a small bottle of Blue Miracle Super Liquid, you’ve already got your family a medicine kit for various illnesses, such as, sore eyes, toothache, sore throat, cataract, sinusitis, ear problem, stomach ache, ulcer or gastric pains and ulcers, hang-over due to drunkenness, cure for food-poisoning, open wounds, skin problems, itchiness, pimples, athlete’s foot, haemorrhoids, etc.  | READ ON >>

CARDIPRIL is designed to balance cholesterol ester levels and improve the rate of HDL and LDL.  It also uniquely reduces C-Reactive Protein (a sign of inflammation and a new important factor for assessing cardio-vascular disease risk).  | READ ON >>

DIABLIN is a unique combination of botanical extracts and mineral complex.  It aids the body to respond better to insulin that it naturally decreases the amount of sugar the liver makes and the intestines absorb.  It helps with various diabetes complications and enhances glucose uptake and inhibit glycosylation (the abnormal attachment of sugar to protein).  | READ ON >>

ENERMAX is uniquely designed to promote the cellular production of energy, while supporting the normal function of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.
ENERMAX also plays an immune-modulating role, thereby boosting energy to combat fatigue and stress, and enhancing intellectual and physical performance.  | READ ON >>   

MELODY is a very effective topical cream that helps maintain and balance cortisol, DHEA, and Melatonin levels in our body in order to improve sleep pattern and reduce muscle discomfort.  It is ideal for men and women. | READ ON >>

MIGHTY is a powerful combination of nutrients designed to enhance the production of bone tissue and prevent the formation of osteoporosis.

Each MIGHTY component has been proven to play vital roles in the formation of bone tissue and the prevention of skeletal fractures caused from weak and brittle bones. | READ MORE >>

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