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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Testimonies on URINOL, RENACARE, and IMMUNOL

AA Michelle Prohhorov
AA Michelle Prohhorov

"At 4 years old, my youngest daughter AA was diagnosed with nephrotic (kidney) syndrome.  Her kidneys malfunctioned, and her body would retain so much water, making her to look bloated.  Her eyes and cheeks became puffy, and her waistline grew to a size of 34 inches."

"Her hands and feet were also too swollen that the doctors and nurses found it difficult to insert an IV into her, so AA had to spend two hours in the operating room for the IV to be inserted through her neck."

From October to December 2005, AA was under medication and steroids.  At that time, she couldn't walk anymore, because her feet and legs became inflamed.  No shoes could fit her, and we had to use a stroller to bring her around.  It pained me to see AA confined to a stroller, looking frail and weak.

When AA underwent chemotheraphy from June to July 2006, the drugs that were given to her were too strong, that she totally lost her appetite.  She couldn't eat anything, and she also had to take regular albumin injections, which cost us thousands of pesos per vial.

Her hemoglobin went down due to synthetic medicines she had to take.  And she also had blood transfusions every 60-90 days.

For over a year, my husband and I regularly travelled to Manila (from Olongapo City) so we could get the best medical treatment for AA.

We only thought of our child; and the medical expenses we incurred were only secondary, as compared to the pain our daughter had to endure.

In one of our regular visits to the National Kidney Center, the doctor told us that our daughter was no longer reacting to the different medications prescribed to her.   It was during this time that I felt that I had to make a bolder move, and find other healthier and more natural alternative to my child's condition.

On the day that I prayed to God for a solution to my problem, a friend of mine (Ms. Mylene Lim) called to check how AA was doing.

About a year ago, this friend sent me several brochures and flyers about Hamida Pharma's products.

"At that time, I ignored them all, because I was skeptical about herbal supplements, since there are already a lot of similar products being sold in the market today.  But because I was hoping against hope, I was willing to try anything, just to help AA recover.

"Last September 2006, AA began taking URINOL and RENACARE.  After only 2 months, we noticed that AA gained her appetite back, and she became a happy and spirit child once again!!

"I am so grateful that I was given a second chance to try these remarkable products. They are really unique and fast-acting.

"I am now a true believer of Hamida Pharma products.  In fact, as a broadcaster, I promote them regularly in my radio and tv programs.

"And so far, the response is overwhelming."

Olongapo City

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Rejean Sajonas

I am Jet from Baguio City, Philippines.    I am posting this Blog for me to thank Kinetics Philippines, and also to give a testimony on their products.  They carry products from Hamida Pharma.

To start with, let me talk about my daughter Rejean who was, two years ago, diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome.  Nephrotic Syndrome is a kidney disease where there is abnormal leakage of protein, low levels of proteins in blood, and swelling of body parts.

We have been spending so much money for the last two years now, until one day, which I believe was a divine arrangement, when I happened to pass by an office with a tarpaulin poster that carries a picture of "AA Michael," a 5 year old, with the same case as my daughter.

With no second thoughts, I went inside the office (KINETICS Philippines, BAGUIO OFFICE) and asked about that tarpaulin posted outside.

And Ma'am Terry - the lady who accommodated me - gave me a CD which I brought home and watched.   It was a testimony of the mother of AA Michael.

At first, I was skeptical about it, since I was already spending so much money for the synthetic medicines my daughter was taking.

Yes, I believe in natural, alternative medicine; and if you are a mother and looking at your child suffering -- you would do anything, just to make her feel better.

I went back to Ma'am Terry.  And she gave me the vegi-caps AA used -- RENACARE, IMMUNOL, and URINOL.  And, believe me, these capsules are really fast-acting!!

Now my daughter is very much improving -- and am slowly taking out small dosages of her synthetic medicine.

Posting this testimony is my way of thanking the Lord that He has arranged an incident for me to find KINETICS Philippines and Hamida Pharma products.  I wish I can tell you more about it.

Hamida Pharma has a line of products to offer.  And am living up to what I've promised to Ma'am Terry - "If this one would really help my child, I will not be silent about it.  I will talk about it."

And so, here I am now.   For confirmation on this testimony, you may get in touch with me.  My number is 0917-811-016636.

Marie Jeanette Sajonas
Baguio City

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

Ray Acain
(Davao City)

Last May 27, 2004, I experienced a sudden difficulty in urinating.  This persisted for about a week.  Until one day, I felt severe pain on the lower part of my abdomen, and found out it was really hard to discharge.

I immediately sought medical assistance, and was prescribed a pain reliever and 800/160 mg. of Cefalexin, to be consumed for a week.

I was also advised to undergo a urinalysis and ultrasound that actually found my prostate gland normal and detected no kidney stone present.

Despite taking my medication and undergoing these tests, my condition failed to improve.

My mother advised me to attend a Kinetics product orientation, which my wife and I were hesitant to go to. With a deluge of food supplements in the market today, I was quite skeptical about trying any of them.

However, a Kinetics distributor, Ms Lyrissa, convinced me to take Urinol and Renacare.  I took two (2) capsules of Urinol right away and consumed 2 capsules of Renacare after dinner, and another 2 capsules before bedtime.

At 5:00 in the morning the following day, I once again too 2 capsules of Urinol. While at work, I tried discharging.  The pain was excruciating.  I suddenly felt a solid substance come out.    I was surprised to find a pea-sized stone in my urine.

Later that day, when I attempted to discharge again, more tiny substances were expelled.  Despite experiencing pain, I eventually felt relieved afterwards.

Now, I am fully recovered.  Thanks to the fast-targeting effects of these remarkable products.

= = = = = = = = = =

Guri Waerness

Finally, a solution for the "hidden suffering."

Urinary incontinence is no disease, but we who suffer from it, find it quite restraining and problematic.

I've gotten a new life by using the natural made product CONTINOL (Urinol).

My problem disappeared completely over-night!

30% of all women suffer from urinary incontinence.  Imagine visiting the ladies room before you leave work, and by the time you come home 30 minutes later you have to go again!

I am an active woman.  I like to go to theaters and movies.    I am always on the run, and everywhere I go, the first thing I have to make sure is where to find the rest room.  I know it probably sounds silly, but to us, this is a big problem.

However, all my symptoms disappeared after trying out the natural-made product CONTINOL (Urinol). After using the product for only one day, I started noticing changes in my condition.

Now I am completely dependent on CONTINOL (Urinol) and do not dare stop taking them.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Dr. Noureddine Zemmouri
My father experienced very severe urinal infections for many years and he had many types of treatments, but unfortunately without positive results.  I had the opportunity to buy PROSTATOL and URINOL and took them back to my home country for my father.
After two weeks of treatment, positive results appeared, and my father's health improved significantly, without any side effects.

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