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Friday, November 11, 2011

OPTICARE Restores Healthy Eyesight, Wards Off Cataract

Degenerative disorders of the eyes, like degenerative disorders of the other tissues, organs, and systems in the body, are mostly age-related. Klinika Kinetics believes that proper and timely management of such disorders can save a person from the problems and difficult situations at later age and stage.

The anti-oxidant and immune boosting elements in the body system play a major role in maintaining the health of the eyes.

OPTICARE is primarily an excellent product for age-related macular degeneration. It gives protection from cataract formation, and in some instances, it has been shown to arrest and reverse cataract formation.

It also helps in night blindness and healthy vision.

The carotenoids, are much needed for retina and eye tissues. The product's certain ingredients are very effective anti-oxidants and immune system boosters. The free radicals destruction lowers the intra-ocular pressure, hence, helps save the eyes from glaucoma.

The anti-oxidant and immune boosting effects of the the ingredients of OPTICARE help other tissues, organs and systems of the body, apart from these very useful effects on the eyes.

Klinika Kinetics believes that OPTICARE is a cancer fighter, it lowers blood cholesterol, helps the cardio-vascular system. It is a mental stimulant, and has many positive effects on the body.


Spinach Extract B.E.E. -- contains carotenoids that are very important to the retina and eye tissues. It helps restore eyesight and offers protection from cataract and macular degeneration. It is a cancer fighter and a mental stimulant, protecting the brain from oxidative stress. It also promotes immunity, skin and cardiac health.

Lutein -- is a dietary carotenoid. It provides protection against macular degeneration and cataract. An anti-oxidant, it helps protect the bones and the cardiovascular system. It has anti-cancer properties that particularly prevent stomach and prostate cancers.

Vitamin E Acetate -- A free radical destroyer, it has been shown to arrest and reverse cataract formation in some cases. It increases circulation, balances mood, restores energy, and helps keep tissues and skin healthy. An anti-oxidant, it helps fight CVS (cyclic vomiting syndrome) and cancer.

Carrot Extract B.E.E. -- is a rich source of carotene, from which the body manufactures Vitamin A. It is good for dealing with night blindness and supports healthy vision.

Vitamin A Acetate -- It helps deal with night blindness and promotes healthy vision, immune function, and wound healing. It also prevents anemia and infections, as well as diabetic retinopathy, heart attack, PMS, UTI and vaginitis.

Vitamin C -- is a good anti-oxidant and immune system booster, which play a vital role in maintaining visual health. It is important for cell protection as it fights infection. It helps certain blood disorders, controls the aging process, strengthens the bones and teeth, protects against heart disease and cancer, supports healthy brain function, and helps collagen manufacturing, as well as iron and Vitamin E absorption. It is also ideal for people with diabetes mellitus and arthritis.

Trace Minerals -- acts as an anti-oxidant that controls the aging process. It promotes healthy brain function and bone formation, supports a healthy immune system, as well as improves blood cell formation.


1-2 capsules, 2 times a day (depending on the need).

  • Suggested Retail Price: -- P1,650.00 (Philippine pesos) [freight cost not yet included]
  • Distributor's Price: ------ P1,368.00
  • Business Volume (BV) ------- 700


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