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Friday, January 9, 2009

KLEER HEAD Alleviates Migraine And Other Types of Headaches

KLEERHEAD has anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, and muscle relaxing properties.  It is formulated to help alleviate migraine and other types of headaches in a number of ways including:
  1. thinning the blood, which reduces pain and allows beneficial blood flow;
  2. relaxing muscles and soothing tension;
  3. enhancing cerebral circulation and increasing the cerebral flow of oxygen;
  4. modulating hormone balance; and
  5. reducing anxiety and stress, and promoting sound sleep. 


Chamomile Flower B.E.E. (bio-enhanced extraction) -- contains oils, flavonoids, opigenin, luteolin and quercetin that contribute to anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and muscle relaxing actions that help reduce headaches and promote restful sleep.

Red Clover Flower B.E.E. -- chronic headache is more prevalent in women than in men.  This fact has been linked to the decline in estradiol (a female hormone).  Red Clover B.E.E. contains high percentages of isoflavones, which have mild estrogen-like properties that may modulate and balance sexual steroids and help to alleviate nervousness and stress-related symptoms, thereby helping to reduce headaches, especially migraine and tension-type headaches.  In addition, it may also thin the blood, thus allowing for beneficial blood flow.

Ginger Root B.E.E. -- contains volatile oils and aromatic constituents that increase bile secretion and inhibit nausea and vomiting, thus, improving appetite and digestion.  It also helps lower cholesterol and reduces the formation of gallstones.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) -- is an important nutrient in the prevention of headache.  For many migraine sufferers, taking riboflavin may help decrease the frequency and shorten the duration of migraine headaches.

Magnesium and Calcium -- Calcium helps with stress, nervous tension, anxiety and fatigue.  Magnesium helps prevent migraine headaches and is thought to work like the calcium channel blocking agent in preventing vascular changes.  Magnesium and calcium work together and may promote each other and provide a more restful sleep.


1 to 3 tablet/s (when necessary)

  • Suggested Retail Price:     P1,500.00 (Philippine pesos)  [freight cost not yet included]
  • Distributor's Price:            P1,198.00

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