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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hamida Pharma Company Profile

HAMIDA Pharma Incorporated, located in Lake Forest, California in the United States, is a rapidly expanding research-based company that manufactures innovative, condition-specific phyto-medicines, and a US GMP certified manufacturer.

We began operations in 1999 and are quickly becoming recognized as a world leader in scientific herbal extraction technologies.  

Currently, we manufacture over forty highly effective, fast-acting natural products.  Our team of staff scientists integrates cutting edge technology with traditional botanical therapeutics to provide the healthcare market with products that stand apart from the competition.  

Our mission is to pioneer and develop natural products that are safe, effective, and extremely fast-acting. 

Since its inception, Hamida Pharma has quickly established itself as a true global company, having entered into key partnerships with several international companies. As a result, our formulations are now marketed in nearly forty countries.

Hamida's partners include pharmaceutical companies, nutritional supplement manufacturers, multi-level marketing companies, direct mail/mail order companies and distributors, wholesalers or importers of health related products.


At present, the majority of Hamida Pharma's sales come from the international marketplaceHamida Pharma supplies its products overseas by entering into private-branding, licensing or distribution agreements with companies in the pharmaceutical or nutritional supplement industries.

Our swift expansion in the international arena has been truly astounding.   Our growth in the international marketplace has been rapid because the demand for effective, fast acting, and safe natural medicines is a worldwide issue.

Consumers in almost every single country are seeking products that will provide an alternative to prescription medication and the host of unwanted side effects they generate.  So far, the response from the international community has been truly remarkable. 


In the United States, many of our products are sold through distributors directly to physicians.  Doctors offer our products to their patients because they firmly believe in the efficacy of our formulations.  They have first hand experience in observing the positive results our products can generate in a very short period of time, sometimes while the patient is still in the office!


In 1987, Heba Hamida, Ph.D., N.M.D. began research and development on a new manufacturing process that would eventually lead to the creation of the existing company.

Prior to 1987, Dr. Hamida spent many years as an independent researcher for the pharmaceutical industry.  Even though he saw some benefits with modem medicine, he felt that there was a need for effective products that did not have any of the harmful side effects of prescription drugs.

Dr. Hamida was extremely interested in the benefits of herbal medicine but was not satisfied with the weak formulations being offered to consumers.  He was also troubled by the fact that many natural products were contaminated with toxins, such as heavy metals.

These problems spurred him to attempt to develop a process that would not only cleanse raw materials of harmful contaminants, but would also increase the potency of the active ingredients.

After twelve years of dedication and hard work, Dr. Hamida met with success.   His intense research culminated in a cutting edge technology that now produces safer and more effective phytomedicines that are amazingly fast-acting.

The extensive research and constant testing has resulted in a process we proudly call B.E.E.®


B.E.E.®  (BioEnhanced Extraction) is not simply an extraction process.   It is a three-step process of purification, isolation/extraction and bio-enhancement using only those active compounds of plants that have been determined to be most beneficial for the body in each formula and possess the highest yield of active ingredients.

B.E.E. ® is a science-based technology that encompasses the entire manufacturing process from the selection of the plants and various raw materials to the completion of the finished product.

Most of the steps employed during the B.E.E.® process are performed using our own, company-designed machines.

Not only is the B.E.E.® process completely innovative and proprietary, but the actual equipment used during most of our manufacturing procedures are as well.B.E.E.® technology differs from standard herbal extraction methods in many ways.   Most modem techniques expose the herbs to high temperatures and pressures that can damage the active ingredients, reducing the potency and overall effectiveness.

In addition, nearly all companies emplo
y the use of alcohol or other solvents during their extraction procedures.

The B.E.E.® process does not employ any of these practices, so our methods more efficiently preserve the active ingredients of the extract while increasing the bio-availability, assimilation, and absorption of the constituents.

Unquestionably, the most amazing feature of the Hamida Pharma product lines is the fast-acting nature of the formulations.  Due to the techniques employed during the B.E.E.® process, positive results can normally be felt within 20 to 30 minutes after taking a dose.

Most herbal products have to be taken for extended periods before they produce noticeable effects, if at all.   If you would like more details on the B.E.E.® process, please request our detailed B.E.E.® scientific document. 


As a manufacturer, we are able to customize products to your specifications from start to finish.

Our production area is equipped with the most modem manufacturing equipment such as fully automatic encapsulating and tableting machines, blister-packaging machines, large scale mixers, grinders and blenders, powder pouching machines, automatic inspection machines and an assembly line style bottling machine that allows us to keep up with the high volume demands for our products.

Hamida Pharma prides itself on assisting our international partners with new product development.  The B.E.E.® technology allows us to create a vast assortment of customized products that have the potential to target a wide variety of health conditions.

We also have the necessary skills to manufacture products in a broad variety of delivery systems such as capsules, tablets, powders, teas, lotions, creams, shampoos, and liquids. We have the required equipment to package end products in either blister-packed boxes, plastic or glass bottles or foil pouches.

We also staff an in-house graphic design department that can produce customized labeling and packaging as well as product inserts and leaflets to fit our individual customer's needs. 


At Hamida Pharma, quality assurance is our utmost goal. Strict manufacturing procedures have been implemented at every step of the production process in order to monitor and verify quality. 

GMP Certification

As a US GMP certified manufacturer, Hamida Pharma complies with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), a set of regulatory standards based upon the best practices in the industry. GMPs are designed to assure that products are safe, properly manufactured and identified, of the correct strength or potency and are of high quality. 

Halal Certification

Hamida Pharma's products have Halal certificate of the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA). Dr. Hamida firmly believes that Halal products of any kind are healthier for all people.

All of the company's products are formulated without alcohol, gelatin and animal-derived glycerin.  Only veggie caps are used.

In addition, the products are 100% natural, which means that no synthetic additives or agents of any kind are used in the production of our formulas. 


Our scientific staff spends vast amounts of time in our laboratory researching the biochemistry behind each unique disease.  Our research helps us match the therapeutic actions of plant constituents with the condition we are targeting.

Currently, the Hamida Pharma product line targets conditions and diseases such as arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, Fibromyalgia, liver disease, urinary incontinence, thyroid disorders, asthma, sexual dysfunction, weight loss, gout, immune system disorders, and many others. 

Laboratory Testing

One of the most important divisions of Hamida Pharma is our on-site testing laboratory.  The main focus in our laboratory is to conduct certain tests that will verify the quality, stability and consistency of our products.  Our scientists spend a great deal of time performing HPLC analysis as well as other methods of validation to properly ensure that our products meet our

strict set of standards.

Safety is another very important issue to our company, so our team of scientists conducts various tests, such as heavy metal analysis and micro testing to confirm and make certain that our end products meet with Dr. Hamida's distinct approval. 

Clinical and Experimental Studies

Hamida Pharma has sponsored several studies on two of our products: - Hypertenol, a high blood pressure product, and Arthritol, an arthritis formula.

We recently completed a double blind, placebo-controlled trial of Arthritol at the Poznan School of Medicine on people suffering from osteoarthritis.  The results were extremely positive and only verified Dr. Hamida's knowledge about the tremendous efficacy of this formulation.

One Hypertenol study was conducted at the prestigious Institut de Cardiologe in Montreal, Canada and another study was conducted on 31 people using a Cardiovision machine.  The positive results that we received from Montreal are especially meaningful when you consider that the institute is one of the most recognized in the world for testing and analysis of pharmaceutical medications.

Toxicity studies on all of our products have also been performed at various institutions. 

Cardiopril, our cholesterol formula, and Hypertenol, our blood pressure product, have been granted FDA Investigational New Drug (IND) status for study at the University of California.   Although not the first studies of natural products for use in medicine, they are among
only a handful to have received this FDA status. 


Hamida Pharma is our original product line sold to practitioners in the U.S and under private labels overseas. Products are boxed and contain blister packaging of capsules and tablets.

Rapid Cell Therapy® is another brand of Hamida Pharma. Product formulations are similar to the Hamida Pharma line but the packaging has its own unique look and design. Packaging is in glass bottles instead of boxes and blister packs. Bottles are housed in highly innovative tubes instead of paper boxes. We are involved in a major promotional campaign in the U.S.

In addition to our oral products, Hamida Pharma recently developed a line of phytomedicines for topical use called Botani TheoryTM. We strongly believe that topical herbal formulations will soon become the wave of the future in natural medicine. It is our company's goal to be the leader in this emerging category.

The main benefit of topical products lies in the fact that active ingredients can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the skin, thereby passing the digestive system.
Positive results can normally be felt within only a few minutes of application.  Botany TheoryTM line now consists of products that target conditions such as: Osteoporosis, PMS, Menopause, Neuro muscular, Prostate problems, and Fibromyalgia.

The Naked TherapyTM line consists of trans dermal body lotions, hair care products, and skin care.  The transdermal body lotions carry nutrients and supplements for different conditions such as: Neuro Muscular, PMS, Menopause, Osteoporosis, and Prostate care.   The hair care products include Revive, the Pigment Enhancing Shampoo that helps to restore normal hair color and shine while nourishing and fortifying the scalp.  Grow, the Follicle Stimulating Shampoo that promotes hair growth and provides vital nutrients to the scalp.   Fuse, the Revitalizing conditioner improves texture and appearance of dull, brittle! or thinning hair.
Smooth is a Wrinkle Therapy Cream that provides valuable nutrients for people of all skin types to promote new skin cells formation for regeneration at the basal layer.   It significantly reduces and helps to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on face, neck, and around eyes.

The Beauty Line offers the Age Control, Cellulite Control, and Hair Control products. The Age Control is an intensive day and night anti - wrinkle treatment, and intensive eyelid lift.

Age Control-intensive day and night anti wrinkle treatment, prevents, reduces and repairs wrinkles.   It promotes youthful cell production by facilitating the stimulating effects of epidermal growth factor.
Cellulite Control - is a new dimension in the treatment of cellulite and stretch marks.  Cellulite control prevents, reduces, and repairs cellulite and stretch marks by reinforcing the supporting fibers of the connective tissue.

The Hair Control line includes the Follicle Stimulating Shampoo, the Pigment Enhancing Shampoo, and the Revitalizing Conditioner.

The Follicle Stimulating Shampoo provides an active herbal complex, which quickly and effectively stimulates hair growth.

The Pigment Enhancing Shampoo provides an active herbal complex, which quickly and effectively eliminates gray hair, and restores its original hair color.

The Revitalizing Conditioner provides an active herbal complex, which quickly and effectively restores the beautiful appearance of hair.
If you are looking for innovative, effective, fast acting and safe natural medicines we invite you to take a close look at the Hamida Pharma product lines and revolutionary B.E.E Technology.

Our proprietary scientific methods in herbal extraction are the most advanced techniques in the world today, and we are confident that our products will help people all over the world lead happier and healthier lives.

25541 Arctic Ocean Drive,
Lake Forest, CA, USA 92630

Tel: +1 (949) 588-6388
Fax: +1 (949) 588-6138

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