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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

HONEYMOON - Best Relief for Female Reproductive System Disorders

is designed to help nourish the female reproductive system and promote the natural production of certain important hormones that help increase female libido and rejuvenate vigor and increase sexual pleasure.

In addition, it also increases fertility and prevents common reproductive infections, such as yeast infection.


Wild Yam Root B.E.E. -- contains natural steroids that rejuvenate and give vigor to love-making.

Myrtle Herb B.E.E. -- may normalize hormonal imbalances of the thyroid
and ovaries. Research has shown that Myrtle helps the respiratory system and may help the immune system in fighting infectious diseases.

Cinnamon Bark B.E.E. -- contains various terpenoids within the volatile oils. Important among these compounds are eugenol and
cinnamaldehyde, which are potent anti-fungal compounds. It may also serve to act as a sexual stimulant to the female.

Pomegranate Fruit B.E.E. -- acts as a hormone stimulant for the testosterone hormone, which controls the sexual drive.

Passion Flower Herb B.E.E. -- contains a group of harman alkaloids and flavonoids that enhance passion by relieving tension, anxiety, nervousness and muscular discomfort.
It also helps relieve pain and cramps. It has a very mild hypnotic effect and can help ease mental barriers, and increase focus. It naturally leads to better sexual function and enjoyment.

Nettle Root B.E.E. -- promotes the excretion of excess fluids (which helps flush out harmful bacteria). It has immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties and relieves some of the early symptoms of BPH, including nighttime urination and residual urine.

Vitamin E -- is an anti-oxidant that is important in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. It improves circulation and reduces blood pressure.


For event enhancement, take 2 vegicaps 30 minutes before sexual activity. For ongoing maintenance, take 1 capsule on a daily basis. HONEYMOON is not recommended for pregnant women.

What is B.E.E.?

B.E.E. (Bio-Enhanced Extraction) is a proprietary, patent-pending, manufacturing method that is comprised of a three-step process of isolation, purification and enhancement from bio-active parts of plants that have been determined to be the most beneficial for people.

B.E.E. is not just an extraction method nor is it just a chemical process.

B.E.E. is a combination of molecular biology and technology that covers the complete manufacturing process from species selection to the completion of the finished product.

Why is the extraction method used during B.E.E. better than other extraction processes used in the industry today?

B.E.E. preserves the active ingredients in the herbs through our proprietary micronizing technique,while most traditional methods expose the herbs to high temperatures and pressures, which can destroy or severely damage the active ingredients.

The B.E.E. process does not expose the raw material to very high pressures or temperatures. During extraction, we use mainly water, regular water, extraction with the occasional help of sodium or the use of a centrifuge at a pre-determined speed. No alcohol is ever used during the entire process.

Also, the extraction efficiency in other methods is relatively low and the botanical bio-activity can be destroyed during the process.

Further, the concentration vessel and heat exchanger produce sub-optimal yields of herbal concentrate. A certain amount of concentrate is lost due to foaming, a certain amount of concentrate is burned at the bottom and sides of the concentration vessel and other concentrate becomes trapped in the heat exchanger.

In most traditional extraction methods, the concentrate liquid contains complex compounds that are both active and inactive. Such compounds are then put into medicine. The efficacy may not compare with the botanical active monomer further isolated from concentrate. The chemical solvents used in many other methods today may not recycle completely and the residual chemicals may be harmful to the body.

In the traditional process, dealing with heavy metals is not paid sufficient attention. Serious problems may arise, such as neural harm, kidney harm, and even cancer if they are taken for a long time or a large amount at one time.


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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

There's Poison In Your Toothpaste and Drinking Water?

A respected doctor and state legislator in Tennessee has issued a stern warning to water 

districts throughout the state advising that fluoride should no longer be added to municipal water. 

In his letter, Dr. Joe Hensley, a representative in the state House, assessed the risks associated with fluoride in water, stating:  

"information is now coming out showing that the health risks associated with drinking fluoridated water significantly outweigh fluoride's limited cavity fighting action."  
He added: 
 "water fluoridation is medication added to water. . . . Giving an unmeasured amount of fluoride through drinking water and not monitoring people's response to it makes no sense at all and violates fundamental principles of toxicology, pharmacology and ethics."  

BLUE MIRACLE is a safe, non-toxic, effective, and versatile cleaner. It is a greatsubstitute for commercial detergents being sold in the market today.   It preserves the environment and protects us from pollution. 
BLUE MIRACLE is affordable, practical and convenient to use. It contains NO phosphorous, enzymes, fluorescent materials, artificial colors, bleaching agents, etc.   This unique product has passed the Taiwan Community Inspection Bureau and tests conducted by environmental groups, as well as scientific organizations in Beijing, Singapore, Hongkong, Japan, and the Philippines.  


  • Sodium carbonate -- the only type of alkaline with strong cleaning powers that helps protect and disinfect the skin.  
  • High quality coconut oil.  
  • Sea water from Salt Lake, Utah, USA 
  • Edible raw materials based on ancient Chinese formulation and Sea Energe, Corp. theory.    >> READ ON

Hensley was citing a recent report from the National Research Council (NRC) that states that children already received three to four times the dose of fluoride compared to adults.  The fluoride comes from many different sources, according to the NRC, virtually from any food product that has been processed in water.

Hensley's admonition comes as other cities across America are working to eliminate fluoride from their public water.  So far, officials in Albany, N.Y., Martin County, Fla., and Juneau, Alaska have rejected adding this toxic substance to their water supplies.

The American Dental Association has followed suit, and quietly issued its own recommendations regarding infants, noting that powdered substitutes for mothers' milk, aptly named "formula," should not be mixed with fluoridated city water. 

According to the ADA, fluoride is increasingly causing a condition known as "dental fluorosis," a defect in the enamel of teeth caused by an excessive intake of fluoride during a child's development.

Fluoride is actually a highly toxic gaseous byproduct of the phosphate fertilizer industry.  At one time, it leeched into soil and waters around fertilizer plants, killing plants and animals in neighboring areas.

However, new pollution laws passed some 50 years ago forced the industry to clean up its "act" sort of.

Today, the hazardous material is liquefied, barreled up and sold for profit to local communities, where it is then dumped into water supplies.  

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 67% of Americans now consume this toxic substance in minute doses in public water, sharing in the slow poisoning that once plagued only the towns unlucky enough to be situated near fertilizer plants.

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