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The efficacy of Miracle Soil Conditioner was conducted in Anduyon clay soil at NOMIARC, in Barangay Dalwangan, Malaybalay City, Province of Bukidnon, in order to assess the yield performance of Miracle Soil Conditioner, applied singly or in combination with recommended rates of inorganic fertilizers on tomatoes, and to generate registration and market development. | READ MORE

SWEET PEPPER (Capsicum annuum L.), also known as "capsicum", "kampana", or "lara" is the most widely used condiment all over the world.  It is consumed fresh, dried or processed.  Sweet pepper is a warm and dry season crop.  It germinates well as temperature of 20 degrees centigrade and grows best at around 25 degrees.  | READ MORE

MARCOS M. DUMANDAN doesn't have classroom anymore, but he continues to teach; this time, to other farmers.
In the past five years, his contribution and participation in research and development on diversified farming, integrated pest management, and balanced nutrition have benefited not only his fellow farmers within Southern Mindanao, but also farmers from all over the country.  | READ MORE 

CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS have come into widespread use throughout the Asia Pacific regions.  It was realized that fields which receive heavy applications of chemical fertilizers alone, decline crop productivity.  | READ MORE
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