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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Poison In Your Shampoo?

What motivates you to buy that favorite shampoo you are using now?

Your movie idol uses it?  Your mom buys that same brand? Your doctor recommends it?

...mas mura...mas ekonomiya? 
For health reasons?

Truth About Shampoos
Almost all shampoos have SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate.

The Journal of the American College of Toxicity (Vol 2, No 7, 1983), says that SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) can damage the immune system, causing separation of skin layers and inflammation of the skin.

It penetrates into the skin and into the eyes, and is also held in the brain, heart, and the liver, even if you wash it right after using it.

A single drop stays in the brain and the body for five days. It denatures proteins of eye tissues - impairing eye development permanently.

It is a mutagen. It is capable of changing the information of genetic material found in the cells.

It lowers brain acuity and is attributed to blindness, yet is commonly used in shampoos, toothpaste, and other personal hygiene products.

Regular shampoos contain harsh chemicals. Baby shampoos advertised as gentle and "no tears," contain some of the worst chemicals, including anesthetizing agents, to cover up the burning sensation that would otherwise be caused when the chemical contacts the eyes.

Imagine what effect these agents have on the eyes and brain, especially after repeated uses.

Everything that touches your scalp is absorbed into your brain first. So, think twice before choosing to bleach, dye, or perm your hair.

Use natural alternatives.

Use BLUE MIRACLE, a safe, non-toxic, effective, and versatile cleaner. It is a great substitute for commercial detergents being sold in the market today. It preserves the environment and protects us from pollution.

BLUE MIRACLE is affordable, practical and convenient to use. It contains NO phosphorous, enzymes, flourescent materials, artificial colors, bleaching agents, etc.

This unique product has passed the Taiwan Community Inspection Bureau and tests conducted by environmental groups as well as scientific organizations in Beijing, Singapore, Hongkong, Japan, and the Philippines.

Awards and Recognition
  • recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) during the 9th International Congress
  • awarded the Taiwan Environmental Label #0516
  • awarded the Singapore Environmental Label #00909009
  • passed the test conducted by the China Environmental Analytic Center
  • awarded the Honorary Environmental Labe HJBZ-H-005 by China's National Environmental Protection Bureau
Safety and Non-Toxicity Certification
  • proof of product non-toxicity from China Technology on Science of Preventive Medicine and Bureau of Environmental Health (U1052)
  • passed the test from Shanghai Preventive Disease Control Center (No. F0939)
  • passed the Taiwan Armed Forces Hospital Infection Disease Control Board on Bacteria Testing
  • First detergent to pass the Taiwan Agriculture Toxic, Oral Toxicity and Skin Toxicity Tests on white mice
  • Passed the Japanese Department of Food Analysis and Experiment's oral toxic experiment (No. 199082511) and dermal toxic experiment (No. 199082511-001)
  • Passed the Japanese Food Analysis and Experiment on the decomposition of organisms of more than 99%.
  • Awarded by the China Product Quality Test Association. Blue Miracle is highly recommended and considered a quality product (No. CAQ1HP269)
BLUE MIRACLE: Man's Answer to Environmental Pollution
Many people have been amazed by the power of Blue Miracle. Sea Energe's Research and Development Team has created a product line that can finally end man's dependence on PETROCHEMICAL products.

The sea is a key component of the earth. It is rich in minerals and resources, necessary for survival and pollution prevention.

Blue Miracle is very affordable, practical, effective and convenient to use. It is safe and NON-TOXIC. It contains NO phosphorous, fluorescent materials, artificial colors, bleaching agents.

  • Sodium Carbonate - the only type of alkaline that has strong powers. It helps protect and disinfect the skin.
  • High quality coconut oil
  • Sea water from Salt Lake, Utah, USA
  • Edible raw materials based on ancient Chinese formulation and organism Energe theory

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